Match Point Creation


Match Point creation is a boutique content creation and distribution platform that allows content creators to create and distribute content in a cost-effective manner.

A democratic platform that allows new Artists to exhibit music and video creation talent to the world audience.

Match Point creation is a one stop solution to create, promote and monetize content or build your brand equity through digital ecosystem, we provide services like, support on content creation, creatives, Global content distribution, marketing, online and offline promotions and brand campaigns.

A new Artists gets the same global reach and visibility as an established artist.

With fun it generates money for artists and also allows you to become an online star, create PR and reach out to the world. We are best at data science. We guide artists on how to approach social media and the digital ecosystem. We are blessed by stalwarts of the Music & Video industry. This means that the Highly Expensive advice on marketing and distribution of music or videos around the globe is FREE for new Artists. Reach us at -

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